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A Collective Memory Workshop


‘[Elthorne is] a transient place, people have come here from all over the world - and they’ll bring different ideas to the estate and to the community, we have to embrace these, and make it a rich community to live in.’

This workshop was one of many different methodologies to help understand what matters for people on Elthorne Estate. It offered a chance to interact with multiple users with the aim to expose a rigorous and more powerful acknowledgement of collective issues. 

The first step: situating a group of women, many of who we had worked with previously, to begin to build the table around which experiences on the estate can be shared and expanded on. What knowledge and insight might be gained by the architect of the users, and visa-versa? How could their collective articulation of the positive and negative help us to understand the implications for effective design?

The workshop was held over the course of a day, with twentytwo female residents of Elthorne attending. Using folded colour paper to represent a memory or speculation of a meaningful part of their home and wider surroundings, we could  reflect on their phenomenology value as well as spatial. 

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