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Reclaimed Social Canal Network


Amsterdam has seen a significant decrease in density over recent decades. Attempts are now being made to reverse this trend; forcing a questioning of the degree of service existing buildings and infrastructures provide to the city, in trying to identify underused and inefficient space.

Our concept SOC_NAL (Social Canal) looks to create a green promenade along the underused Western section of the Singelgracht, through draining the canal and re-purposing it as public space.

The green belt will connect areas of cultural and recreational significance from the Rijks Museum to Westerpark, acting as a corridor for both human and ecological movement; but also in providing a place for locals to escape the stress of city life.

The canal would host a variety of community orientated programme including allotments, a local market, an amphitheatre, six multi-sport pitches, a large climbing wall, a skate park and an olympic sized swimming pool

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